Our Mission Statement

To provide the owner with a high quality, durable, and low maintenance polished concrete or epoxy floor in a timely manner.

Our Materials

Great Lakes Concrete Restoration uses products that are not harmful to humans, pets, or the environment. Our epoxy and urethanes are 100% solid or high solid. All other liquids are Leed Rated and Green Certified.

Our types of floors also include chemical resistant, ESD / Conductive, chemical sealers and hardeners, burnished, polished and chemically colored dye. Great Lakes Concrete Restoration is a certified installer of L&M Chemical products for polished concrete and American Industrial epoxy floor products. Other manufacturer lines include, Sherwin Williams, ChemProof Polymers, Sika, Spartacote, and many more. Manufacturer data and color charts are provided on our website.




Team Approach

With well over 50 combined years in the polished concrete and epoxy flooring business, we use a team solution approach to get your job done. Our company believes in using an open-minded approach, gaining better knowledge with every job, as no two floors are the same. Great Lakes Concrete Restoration provides domestic and international service in the areas of epoxies, urethanes, dyed and polished concrete floors and concrete sealers. Other services provided are flooring mastic and grout removals, shot blasting and scarifying, application of new resurfaces, and overlaying of floors. 

What our customers say about us...


I would like to take the time to mention how we appreciate being introduced to Great Lakes Concrete Restoration the installer, and L&M ConstructionChemicals FGS Permashine Polished Floor System.

Having in the past used ESD epoxy, and VCT ESD tile, we would have to spend several more dollars for the systems for their up keep using ESD waxes to keep our needed ranges of ESD , the following are the true benefits we have seen over a 5 year period with your polished floors.

Using 1-10 as a basis rating, 10 being excellent, please find below:

1. Clean ability rating -9 ( using the FGS cleaner / conditioner a must with a floor scrubber )
2. Light illumination rating - 9
3. ESD rating needed in our plant between 1-4th to, 10-6th with a megohmmeter rating- 9
4. High Traction floor rating - 9
5. Maintenance rating - 9

Summary: Over all a cost reduction for install, up keep, and our floors look better,more importantly, ESD performance has been achieved.

As you know you have also installed this system in our Boston plant. Do to the quality of the polished floor system we will heavily consider using Dale Ballard and Great Lakes Concrete Restoration, and the FGS Permashine Polished Floor System in our new builds, as well as replacing other floor systems we have in our existing facilities.

Thanks again for the quality work, and products, as you have made a believer out of us at Jabil !

Tommie Kuzera
Jabil Circuit Co.